Help needed calculating Finish Time (and date) based on Start Time and Duration

In the sheet shown below, there is a column formula in the Planned Start Time of =RIGHT([Start Date] @row, 8) which cascades the Planned Start Time and dates based on the duration of the task. What I would like to be able to do is to add something that would also automatically calculate the Planned Finish Time (and date) based on the Planned Start Time and Duration. We currently use 12 hour increments with AM and PM. This is over a weekend, so no business hours or breaks. Duration is listed in minutes (m) or hours (h). I can convert that to a decimal of hours if needed. The Actual Start Time and Actual Finish Time are manually entered and shouldn't affect the Planned columns.

While I am not adverse to helper columns, if absolutely needed, I also don't want to make this more complicated than need be. Thanks in advance!


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