How to exclude a column formula on certain rows in a specific status

I am trying to capture when requests are on time vs past due in the 'Current Status' Column, and also trying to capture how many days since a request was submitted in the 'Days since Req Created'. I have those formulas figured out. However, I don't want those to run when the 'progress' is completed. So how do I add that in my Formulas?

Here is my current =SUMIF formula for counting the says since request was created:

=SUMIF(Progress@row, <>"Completed", TODAY() - [Date Request Created]@row)

I would like it to be blank or say N/A if the progress is 'completed'

Similar for my current =IF formula in Current status=

=IF(([Days since Req Created]@row) >= 2, "Past Due", IF([Days since Req Created]@row < 2, "On Time"))

How do I make the result blank or say N/A if the progress is 'completed'?



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