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I have a need to create / automate a few subcategories when a new row is added to a sheet. Here is what I'm looking at.

You can see in the 'Budget Action Requested' column there are Initial actions and Amendments. The Unique ID column next to it collects data about the study to assist in populating the row using cross sheet formulas.

You can see for the Unique ID 0051 - there are 5 entries, one is Initial, and four are amendments. What I would like to do is, in the Task Number column, create a formula that says, look at the Budget Action Requested, if it's 'Initial', then just put the Unique ID, if it's 'Amendment' then put the Unique ID but add a number, like 0051-1, 0051-2, 0051-3, 0051-4...

I can get the first part of the formula - to return the Unique ID:

IF([Budget Action Requested]@row = "Initial", [Unique ID]@row, " ")

Is it possible to make a formula to do what I'm asking?

Thank you for your ideas.



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