Do we have any way to attach excel file in smartsheet forms where recipients can enter information

I am working on smartsheet and would like to attached excel file/sheet where recipients will enter the requested information.



  • mkoch
    mkoch ✭✭✭✭

    You could share the sheet with the recipient. Attach the excel file to the row in question. Then send the specific row to the recipient or set up automation to send it to the recipient based on triggers or schedule. When the recipient receives the email they can download the file, make their edits and then reupload the excel file. The file will get a new rev number autogenerated.

    Another way to work with this is via pdf forms. Create an excel file, convert it to pdf, convert the pdf to a form, add the pdf to the smartsheet via document mapping. Map the fields on your pdf form to the columns in your smartsheet. Then request updates to recipients via automation and the pdf form will be filled in. Once all the details are entered you can export the pdf back into excel format.

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