Overdue Tasks Metric


I have an individual task report set up for everyone in the company which aggregate tasks from our project sheets. Then, we have an overdue task report that displays all overdue tasks for everyone, grouped by the assigned-to column. We have a summary field on the overdue report counting everyone's current tally of overdue tasks, and also the total sum across the company. We want to print that metric on our portfolio dashboard and track what the overdue count is. I am so confused by why smartsheets offers reports with summary values but doesn't allow you to display them on a dashboard. I'm sure theres a million ways do work around this. How can I get this this value on a dashboard without doing a clunky report widget?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Gianni

    Using a Report Widget is exactly what I would have suggested: you can keep the rows Collapsed in a Report Widget to display the totals.

    Other alternatives:

    • Use a COUNTIFS Function in a cross sheet formula to create the total summary count in a separate metric sheet, then use a Metric Widget to only display the one number (versus the entire report).
    • Use a Chart looking at the Report as the source to display the number per-person in a bar chart.
    • Group the Report by a consistent feature (e.g. the Status) so that you have a Totals row and then a Summary row below it mirroring the same data. Then use this as the source for your Chart for a single, total bar.