How can i read activity log using through API...?


I need to restore a specific row which are deleted from the original sheet, and i am using API to achieve this with C#.NET.

Our idea is to create new helper sheet using c#, which contains deleted rows in it, That has to get updated by reading data from activity log

May i get any suggestions.

Thank you in advance.


  • BKing
    BKing ✭✭✭

    How about?

    Have your c# code establish a webhook to your original sheet and(via an api endpoint) have you c# code listen for a:

    Sheet Updated/Row Deleted notification.

    Grab the data and write it to your Helper sheet.

    Then you could automate the data restore or use an automation to have someone decide what to do.

    We would use an AWS API and place our c# code as a lambda function. Again with AWS you have the option of DynamoDB as your backup rather than your Helper.

    We have had lots of success synchronising DynamoDB with Smartsheet sheets.