Left and Find Formula Issue


Are there any glaring issues with the following formula?

=LEFT([AR - Run 1 Size]@row, FIND("""", [AR - Run 1 Size]@row) - 1)

I'm trying to return the leftmost text that occur before the quotation mark. For example,

Original string: 2" InchFisher399

I want just the number 2

I just get #UNPARSABLE

Best Answer

  • Andy S.
    Andy S. ✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    I figured it out. It didn't like looking for the quotation mark, so I changed it to look for the space after the quotation mark and then subtract by 2.

    =LEFT([AR - Run 1 Size]@row, FIND(" ", [AR - Run 1 Size]@row) - 2)


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