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Hi good day. I just created a formula to grab dates from another source sheet. The situation here that i created using VLOOKUP and read that it is recommendable to use Index/Match for this kind of situations. Can you help me to build the formula and including if there is #NO MATCH show in blank? Thanks in advance. Below the formula that i created and works.

=VLOOKUP([Project_ID]@row, {Capital Planning 2023 - Intake Submissi... Range 1}, 23, false)

Capital planning is the source sheet were i need to grab the date in column 23. The column name in the source is Project_Approval_Date


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    hi @Raul Cabrera

    try this

    =INDEX({Project_Approval_Date_Reference}, MATCH([Project_ID]@row, {Project_ID_Reference_Column}, 0))

    The first bold is a reference to the column for "Project_Approval_Date", the 2nd bold is a reference to the Project ID column.

    Now, when you enter the Project ID in a row, the index/match formula column will show the Date which is desired.

    Does this work? Let me know.


    Jacob Stey


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