Still unable to manage columns even at the Business Account Plan level

Just upgraded to the Business plan but still unable to manage columns - insert, delete, rename, etc. The ability is greyed out. How can I manage columns?


  • Itai
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    Hey @Stephen Ward,

    Are you the owner of the sheet? if not, what permission do you have?

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  • Good morning and thank you for the response

    No, I am not the owner of the sheet. When trying to manage columns before upgrading, we kept receiving the message that we had to upgrade in order to do so. Now, after a $900 upgrade, are you telling me this was not the case and, instead, it's a permissions issue?

  • MichaelTCA
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    edited 09/11/23

    Hello @Stephen Ward

    I maintain, develop, and implement all of the company procedures that we transition into Smartsheet for TCA and from my personal experience:

    If all of your licenses were allocated and had more employees who required a license, than you would of had to upgrade to the Business plan because there is a limit to 10. You must be a licensed user to create/develop documents in Smartsheet. Otherwise, you can only "edit" what has already been created.

    Also, you must be either an Admin/Owner of a workspace/individual document to make changes to the structure of a sheet, including conditional formatting or even automations.

    There are other parts of the plan that could have been required to fulfil the task you are trying to complete, but based on your comments, this is what I'm thinking.