Vlookup and iferror formula question


I am writing a vlookup formula and I get a #NO MATCH Error. I want to remove the error and give a result of 0 which seems pretty straight forward.

The formula I wrote looks like this : =VLOOKUP(SO@row, {Machine File Oven A Range 1}, 9, false)

When I add the iferror formula it looks like this:

=IFERROR(=VLOOKUP(SO@row, {Machine File Oven A Range 1}, 9, false), 0)

The problem I am having is that now all of my results come through as 0 instead of the values that should be pulled. I am sure this is an easy fix, but I need some help. Am I writing the iferror formula in the wrong place? If anyone can help let me know.


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