Using the IF and OR Functions in Combination



I am stuck trying to figure out how to use IF and OR in combination.

I am using Smartsheet to track and monitor a project. I have an overview cell, Cell A, that I would like to show what overall phase my project is in, based on the statuses of the different phases in my project sheet.

More specifically,

I would like Cell A to show what phase the project is in, based on status of the different phases

Column 1: Phase, Column 2: Status

Phase 1, Completed

Phase 2, Completed

Phase 3, In Progress

Phase 4, Not Started

Cell A/Project Phase would read Phase 3 to indicate that the project is in Phase 3, Phase 3 is In Progress.

So, I think I need something along the lines of

IF(Phase 1 = In Progress, "Phase 1"), OR(Phase 2 = In Progress, "Phase 2"), OR(Phase 3 = In Progress, "Phase 3"), OR(Phase 4 = In Progress, "Phase 4")

Can somebody please help me? Thank you!

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