Return value if date falls within range

I have researched others' questions on this and I feel this should be right, but it's not.

I'm trying to return the generation based on DOB:

'=IF(DOB@row <= DATE(1943,12,31), "Traditionalists", IF(AND(DOB@row >= DATE(1944, 1, 1), DOB@row <= DATE(1959,12,31)), "Baby Boomers", IF(AND(DOB@row >= DATE(1960, 1, 1), DOB@row <= DATE(1980, 12, 31)), "Generation X", IF(AND(DOB@row >= DATE(1981, 1, 1), DOB@row <= DATE(2000, 12, 31)), "Millennials", IF(AND(DOB@row >= DATE (2001,1,1), DOB@row <= DATE(2010, 12, 31)), "Generation Z", "")))))

I have tried a few and this got the closest - it worked when I only had 2 ranges, but when I added more generations, it broke again.

Does anyone know what I've done wrong?


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