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I have 3 cells in a row that I need a cell to report back "yes" if all 3 cells have the word "Pass" in them. I'm using this formula but it's not working...suggestions?

=IF([Pass/Fail]@row = "Pass", [Intro Pass/Fail]@row = "Pass", [RCA Pass/Fail]@row = "Pass", "YES") states "Incorrect Argument"


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  • DKazatsky2
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    Hi @Jillian M ,

    If you don't want to multiple "IF" statements, yo can also use "AND" inside the main "IF" statement.

    =IF(AND([Pass/Fail]@row = "Pass", [Intro Pass/Fail]@row = "Pass", [RCA Pass/Fail]@row = "Pass"), "Yes")

    Hope that helps,