Matching Company Name Based on Member Name Chosen

Jonna Critchley
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Hi There!

We have sheets called Meeting Trackers that we log the name, company name, and company category of the attendees of each workgroup meeting. We have 30+ meeting trackers that we've maintain between 5 meeting facilitators.

Through Power BI we collect all the Meeting Tracker information and it should give us what meetings a person or company has attended, how many times, etc.

One of the biggest issues is the spelling...the member's name, the company name and making sure the company category is consistent.

Our organization cannot afford data mesh or data shuttle at this time, so I'm looking for some kind of work around.

Ideally, we'd want the meeting facilitator to be able to begin typing a name in and in the drop down it would begin pulling up the correct name, that would then enter the matching company name in the next column and the company's category in the column after that.

Is there a combination between a helper sheet and formulas that would get me to this?

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