Tutorial for users not builders


Hello, I'm creating smartsheets for my team, but they have never used smartsheets before. I'd love for them to watch a tutorial on the basics of using a sheet, but that skips all of the building/editing. They won't have to create automations or link anything; I've built all of that. They will just be responsible for tracking their task dates and completion statuses.

Does anyone have a good tutorial they recommend for that? I don't want my team to feel overwhelmed knowing what all is behind the scenes.


  • Holden J
    Holden J ✭✭✭

    Hi @Ksephora - I totally get the need to introduce Smartsheets in a way that doesn't overwhelm your team. Consider checking out Smartsheet's official YouTube channel, but if that's too comprehensive, you might want to:

    1. Curate a specific playlist focused only on task updating.
    2. Or even make a brief in-house tutorial highlighting only what they'll need.
    3. A quick Zoom call to demo the essentials could also be effective.

    The key is to tailor the training to their specific responsibilities. Good luck with your Smartsheet rollout!

    -- Holden J

  • PeterF

    Hi Ksephora I have the same question. Did you find something ?