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edited 09/20/23 in Smartsheet Basics

I am seeking a way to manage changes for the following situation:

A project stakeholder register template leverages Vlookup to a master Employee Roster to facilitate completion of the register (e.g., employee title, Dept. etc.)

When the template is used, automation is setup so that when "Copy to Stakeholder Rollup" is checked. The rows on the Stakeholder register rollup to a master sheet.

Several reports and data points are created from this master rollup that are shared via a dashboard.

The challenge now is when changes are made to individual Project Stakeholder Registers (sheets) the changes do not transfer to the Master rollup.

Besides setting a notification in the Stakeholder Register, to get a notification when a change is made and then I manually need to go to the master roll-up to make changes. Is there a more automated option?

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