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Erica C
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I'm new to smartsheets. We currently use it in several different areas of my current project for some basic entry stuff pertaining to my projects. I have the field supervisors entering their production for that day/week with all the sites they work on. I have another sheet that I have my list of 53 job sites & where they are; from engineering to billing the customer. I track my 53 jobs sites in an excel spreadsheet and I'm wondering if Smartsheet has the capability to track as my excel does but better & linking what my field puts into production & my project tracker.

I'll try my best to explain how my spreadsheet works in words. I'm a numbers person, not a good writer :)

In my excel, the first tab is the list of all the jobs, as they come out of engineering I'll add a new tab with the name of the jobsite, cost, revenue, sub pricing basically breaking down the entire job. Once the field starts the job, they'll put in their production into the smartsheets & I'll enter that information into my excel spreadsheet, letting me know exactly how much we have left, if we're going over, if the sub has gone over, if we need a change order, etc. All while this is happening, my main page is linked to the tabs so when I have my weekly meeting with my upper management they can ask specifics about any job by looking at the spreadsheet. For example, if we're over it on a job even by 1%, the cell changes colors, alerting myself & everyone on my team. Further down the sheet I also have a column that shows any outstanding cost we owe the subs or if we over paid them by the PO amount I've added into each individual tab.

I want to work more in smartsheets, have a dashboard for my stakeholders, have one stop place for my production being entered from the field, and a place for me to track my projects as I have on excel. Is there anything remotely similar in smartsheets to what I have now in excel?