How to capture data (that is constantly changing) between X date and X date

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I'm mainly using a single sheet to track sales information. Within this, there are "stages" for where the lead is in the pipeline. I have a secondary sheet to track the data of how many leads are in each stage.

Example: Lead 1 is in the first stage -"Initial Call". Lead 2 is in the second stage -" PM Call". Lead 3 is in the third sage -"Site Assessment". As each day passes, the leads are moved through to the next stage.

On a the second (separate ) sheet, I want to see each week how many people are in which stage. I've been able to use =COUNTIF({Client Contact List Range 3}, Labels@row) to see where the numbers are currently. How do I edit the above form to break it up between date ranges such as last week or last month?



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    Hi @Morgan_H2H

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    • I'd recommend checking if you can use the data from the Work Insight feature.
    • Another option, and what I usually do in my client solutions, is to copy the rows weekly to another sheet, and then you can compare the data as needed.

    Make sense?

    Would any of those options work/help?

    I hope that helps!

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