Use the Parent Function to Manage Row Duplicates

RachelFW ✭✭
edited 12/14/23 in Smartsheet Basics

We manage a large Government funding program receiving many applications from external applicants who apply through a Smartsheet form. We need a better way to manage our duplicate applications as the ideal scenario is not to delete them but to keep them to refer to (as an applicant's circumstances and therefore eligibility status may have changed over time, for e.g. - we need that point of reference) I would love to use the parent row function to group together files meeting the duplicate criteria within a sheet (for e.g. cross referencing a person's full name and DOB, and then grouping those files together, with the parent row always being the newest file). Is there any way to do this or does anybody have any suggestions for how to better manage our duplicate form entries/ rows? We are already using formulas to identify the duplicates within the same sheet or in other sheets, and then auto-archiving them to a duplicate workspace.