Can I get some help on a Date Formula?

Hi SS Community,

I'm currently using a preventative maintenance sheet where I have a "Frequency (Months)", "Last Maintenance Date", and "Next Maintenance Date" column. I am looking to utilize the Frequency to determine what the Next Maintenance Date is via a formula. I'm having a bit of trouble as this is slightly different than how I am used to in excel. Could I get one of you experts to chime in how I can resolve the issue I am having below? Thanks!

My Main issue is that when I use =DATE(YEAR([Last Maintenance/Inspection]@row), MONTH([Last Maintenance/Inspection]@row) + [Frequency (Month)]@row, DAY([Last Maintenance/Inspection]@row))

I run into an issue where if the month exceeds 12 it will throw an error when adding it instead of it calculating into the next year. Thanks

Here's a photo image of my problem:


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