How do I create a Column that displays names of incomplete predecessors?


The requirement is to display the names (from the primary column) of any incomplete predecessors, concatenated with some symbol, like a comma, in between each value.

Ideally, no helper columns would be needed.

I've tried multiple ways of doing this, including COLLECT(JOIN, Complex IF-THEN statements, etc.

Any guidance would be helpful.


  • Scott Peters
    Scott Peters ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Tucci - This isn't going to provide you with a solution, but the reason this is challenging is because of the unique nature of the Predecessors column. Where some might have a task that has a predecessor of "6" (meaning row 6 in the project plan), it is possible to be more detailed, like this:

    Conduct Kickoff Call Not Started 6FS -4h, 7FS +2d

    Meaning before the kickoff call cannot happen until 4 hours before task 6 is complete, and not until 2 days after task 7 is complete. I can imagine an Index/Match formula based on a unique column ID, but first you would have to tease out the row IDs

    A simpler method might be to use filtering with the SUCCESSORS function.

    By that I mean filter for rows that are not complete and where Successors is not blank

    Hope that's helpful

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