SUM range of cells that have INVALID DATA TYPE

Frank Dean
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I am trying to sum the range of cells, and some of them have INVALID DATA TYPE. I have tried the original formula here:

=SUM([Actual Days to Reach Milestone]74:[Actual Days to Reach Milestone]83)

And I tried adding IFERROR, but my answer just says 0 instead of counting the cells the that have the error as 0. The answer should come up with 384 if I count manually:

=IFERROR(SUM([Actual Days to Reach Milestone]74:[Actual Days to Reach Milestone]83), 0)

What is the correct formula for this?


  • ker9
    ker9 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi, @Frank Dean

    I suggest first resolving the error in the Actual Days column. If it is a formula, preface it with =IFERROR(your formula, 0)

    To move forward without fixing the error, add a helper column with the following formula in it. Make it a column formula.

    =IFERROR([Actual Days to Reach Milestone]@row, 0)

    This will return a 0 if there is an error. Then sum the helper column.

    I dabbled in creating a SumIf with IsNumber formula but couldn't quickly arrive at a solution. Not sure if that will work on a column containing errors.

    Hope this helps!

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