How can I share a report without sharing the sheet.

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Hello, good morning everyone.

On a sheet there is the information of all the sales, I need to share information with each client exclusively about their purchase, it is very practical to generate reports with said information, however when sharing it, the sheet must also be shared, which although it maintains the information hidden and blocked, when shared, the possibility of exporting is open and when doing so, for example to Excel, the option to show is enabled and in this way the entire matrix (information) is visualized.

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    Hola @Jose Vargas

    Hay algunas opciones a considerar. En primer lugar, ¿tiene licencia para Dynamic View? En segundo lugar, si el usuario está configurado con una licencia de Smartsheet, el informe podría filtrarse como "usuario actual".

    En tercer lugar, sería posible crear un informe único por usuario, filtrado para ellos, colocado en un panel publicado (un panel por cliente/usuario).

    Puede leer sobre la vista dinámica aquí:

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    There are a few options to consider. First of all, are you licensed for Dynamic View?

    Second, if the user is set up with a Smartsheet license, the report could be filtered as "current user."

    Third, it would be possible to create a single report per user, filtered for them, placed on a published dashboard (one dashboard per customer/user).

    You can read about dynamic view here:


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