Modifying the Formula for Date-Based Quarters to Align with NU's Fiscal Year

P.mengade ✭✭
edited 09/25/23 in Formulas and Functions


I'm using this formula: ="Q" + INT((MONTH(Date@row) + 2) / 3) to calculate quarters based on dates. However, our fiscal year at NU runs from July 1st to June 30th. 

 Here's the adjustment needed:  

July 1st to Sept 30th should be Q1.  

Oct 1st to Dec 31st should be Q2.  

Jan 1st to Mar 31st should be Q3.  

Apr 1st to Jun 30th should be Q4.  

 I need help with adapting this formula to match our fiscal year? Your advice is appreciated! 

Thank you, 



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