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We are using the connector from Salesforce to our project intake sheet to update key project dates automatically between Salesforce and Smartsheet. Our project plan sheets have the detail for each customer's installation, training and date to move to production, and our goal was to link the project plan dates to the project intake sheet to keep the dates synced. The issue we are seeing is the links between the two sheets (project detail to intake) are being removed automatically. I would prefer to not have to manually update dates on both sheets as this is prone to transcription errors, so I am wondering can a sheet that has a connector workflow have links to another sheet or will the links always be removed when information is updated from the connector workflow?


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Sharon Harris

    It's difficult to say what may be happening without seeing your entire set-up (Salesforce workflow configuration and cell-link set-up).

    However what I'd recommend here is to use a formula instead of cell-links. That way as rows are added/removed from the sheet you won't need to manually create cell-links.

    As long as you have an identifier on both sheets, you should be able to use an INDEX(MATCH formula in your Project Intake sheet to look for the Project ID or Name and bring back the dates. For example:

    =INDEX({Project Plan Date Column}, MATCH([Project Name]@row {Project Name Column}, 0))

    Here's more information on this formula:



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  • Sharon Harris

    Thank you Genevieve for this response.

    I will look into the option of a formula to address this issue. Since we need 5 separate date fields on each project plan to populate the intake sheet this may be a bit more complex as we generally have up to 50 active project plans being managed at any given time. I will read the article you sent to see if this will work.

    Best regards,


  • Danielle Wilson

    @Sharon Harris You might also look into using DataMesh to set this up!

    Danielle W.

    Product Marketing


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