Formula assistance using "Sumifs"

Brittanyy ✭✭✭✭
edited 09/26/23 in Formulas and Functions

Hi everyone, I need assistance on a formula.

The formula I want to create will sum the up the number column "Qty of Monitor" if "Office" is SEA and the " Monitor"column displays Viewsonic

Formula below is on my metric sheet. The columns are being referenced.

=SUMIFS({Qty of Monitor}, {Office}, "SEA", {Monitor}, "Viewsonic")

I tried using Countif, but I kept getting an error.

Also if I use this formula on the main sheet would it look like this.

=SUMIFS({Qty of Monitor: Qty of Monitor}, {Office:Office}, "SEA", {Monitor:Monitor}, "Viewsonic")

Thanks in advance


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