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Cannot Remove Hyper Link on Phone Number?

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Please Help,

For the life of me I cannot remove a hyper link. I added a simple telephone number and it show as a link (blue with underline) 

I want to remove this as it not a link, just a number. 

I tried all methods that would normally remove this. i.e

right click on cell (no remove) 

Ctrl C - Ctrl V (even special paste still keeps it. 

Any help would be appreciated :)


  • Kara Lumley

    That seems odd - what column type is this in?

  • jhughes58626

    Hi all, i have this exact issue. I originally exported a Smartsheet to Excel.


    After editing the sheet in Excel (to create a new sheet), I imported it back into a new Smartsheet. One column imported as hyperlinks. The column properties on this particular column is a dropdown menu. The content that is hyperlinks was original content from the original Smartsheet (but was NOT hyperlinks in that sheet).


    I cannot remove the hyperlinks in the new sheet at all.

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