Is there a limit to how many rows a function can search, for an IF statement? Having data not show.

For a requisition database, I maintain a pool sheet of available equipment, as well as sheets for orders and the vendor. I have formulas in a different sheet to add the VINs (let's say 5) that I am planning to add and it checks across the other sheets if that VIN exists. On this "check" sheet, I've noticed some VINs will populate the data as expected and others won't. However, when I manually go and check the other sheets, those VINs and the data that should be coming through exist, but it's not reflecting in my "check" sheet. Any ideas why this is happening? This is not the first time either. I've exported data before and information was not reflecting on the Excel, even though the sheet the data was being pulled from, did reflect accurately. I let the data flow if I'm adding a lot to give it time to work, but if I add 20 rows and 19 of them populate, and the 1 that isn't is in the table in between those 19, makes me wonder if there's another issue.


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