How to count cells when they have multiple values selected, and I'm only wanting a specific one?

Because we can't use wildcards on the program, I am at a loss to set up a report that summarizes my sheet. I'm trying to determine how many entries are the 'Status' outlined in each Primary Column row, where the 'Suggest Solution' is the text in each column header. The 'Status' can only be one value, but the 'Suggested Solution' can be have multiple values selected from a pre-set drop down list.

The formula below only accounts for results with one 'Suggested Solution' value. I've tried HAS( and CONTAINS( to try and capture those with multiple values but had no luck.

=COUNTIFS({Status}, $[Primary Column]@row, {Suggested Solution}, [Column1]$1)

Any suggestions on how I could account for cells with more solutions selected? Thanks in advance!!


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