Weekly/Monthly In and Out Report

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I have created a system to track inventory for a large warehouse for my company. We receive and ship out a lot of equipment daily.

I am looking to create a weekly and monthly report to give to management to show the amount of Square Footage that has been received and the amount that is shipped out.

Each company we store equipment for has their own sheet with all the columns they would need, but for the purpose of this question, we have columns labeled, "Status (To detail checked-in or checked-out") "Check-In Date" Check-Out Date" and "Square Footage".

When an item is received it is Checked-In, when sent out it is Checked-out. As soon as it is checked in, the equipment is measured for square footage. It is very normal for equipment to be stored for months at a time.

I have decent knowledge of Smartsheet functions, and basic formula knowledge.

Can someone please assist me with a formula that will track the amount of square footage that is "Checked-In" weekly and then a formula for the same thing monthly. And then Formulas for the same things "Checked-Out".

Screenshot Examples of my sheets below.


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