Does the automation to change cell only work for a checkbox and not for a flag? Very Odd

I am trying to make an automation where if the due date is in the past to automatically flag the cell under the flagged column. However, it will only work if that option is a checkbox and not a flag. I am confused why that would be the case. Is this a problem for others too?


  • DKazatsky2
    DKazatsky2 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @KevinHarrisCHT ,

    I ran a test and confirm I received the same results. When I went back to the automation I found this.

    Apparently, only an actual check mark is considered valid for the automation even though the column type is still "checkbox" and all the styles are handled the same in formulas. Very odd,

    As a work around, you can use the following formula in the checkbox column and it will work with the flag.

    =IF([Due Date]@row < TODAY(), 1)

    Hope this helps.


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