Count Per Specified Criteria and Date Range

edited 09/28/23 in Formulas and Functions

I am trying to create a formula to count the number of data quality issues per provider agency in a Smartsheet report. We would like to keep track of the number of data quality issues per provider agency each month.

The data quality issues are entered through a Smartsheet form and displayed in a report. Each row signifies an issue in submitted data and classified by agency. There is a column for date created, which provides the date for when each row was created. There is also a column with a checkbox, so if the checkbox is ticked, then issue is resolved. I do not want to include the rows in the number of data quality issues that have been resolved in the total counts for the agency each month. I have attached a picture below of what the report looks like. I have a separate grid for the formulas. I have tried a couple COUNTIFS formulas, combining with DATE formulas. Neither of them seem to work.

Criteria for formula: 1) Specified Agency; 2) Date Range (first day of the month and last day of the month); 3) Number of Data Quality Issues entered/rows in report; 4) Resolved column is checked, then row is not counted


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