Formula Help For Multiple Tags Within The Same Cell


Hey All!

First time posting... so here goes... I am attempting to write a formula that references another sheet, looks at a specific column, and then 'finds and counts' all the instances of a specific tag.

For example, the intake form allows multiple 'characteristics' to be chosen when describing a call. These characteristics populate within the tracking sheet in the column entitled 'Call Characteristics'. Then, the Dashboard Metrics sheet aggregates the data in various ways that show on the dashboard. **Please note! I am not the creator of this. I was asked to continue/maintain it's current state (which is NOT recommended as all these metrics should belong in various reports).**

I digress...

Is there a formula I can use that will reference another sheet, count all the categories with a specific label (even if there are multiple categories within a cell) and return an accurate count? i.e =COUNTIF({Client Business Sim LIVE Call Characteristic}, Description@row)

Any help/suggestion(s) is incredibly appreciated!

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