IF Drop Down options with same equation???


Hey there,

I'm having trouble solving this equation. I have a series of dropdowns all pulling VLOOKUP numbers which is then making the same equation. There are three options in the drop down. My equation works if I have only one "Price Group" Option but when I have more the equation stops working.

Any help!!???

=IFERROR(IF([Upholstery Price Group]@row = "Price Group 01", [Upholstery Price Group]@row = "Price Group 02", [Upholstery Price Group]@row = "Price Group 03", [Upholstery Price (DKK)]@row * [Consumption (RM or SM)]@row, IF([Upholstery Price Group]@row = "Open Price", [Open Price (DKK)]@row)), "0.00 kr.")

Thanks in advance.

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