Using ISBLANK when a field is not blank to autofill in a checkbox

DavidO_Stein ✭✭✭
edited 10/02/23 in Formulas and Functions

I am creating a complicated workaround since when requesting an update (apart from using a form) Smartsheet can't require request for update fields to be filled in.

So, I need to run an automated workflow update request on fields left blank (that arrive after the enterer sends the update, not at the same time).

In order to do this, I am creating a workflow that for every blank field, an update for request will be sent to the enterer, maybe on a daily time interval.

1) Do I need a true/false checkbox column after every single field?

2) Do I drop the formula on every single column I need filled in order to fill in a preceding checkbox column or can I add one long formula somewhere in my sheet?

I have tried this: =ISBLANK([Column2]1) = false

Unfortunately, I get an error "#circular reference"

I assume I change "column2" to the actual name of the column or is that incorrect?



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