AND(Contains(...), Contains(...)) Functioning


Hi all!

I have a question I have not been able to fully decipher with the documentation. I have been trying to identify if a certain combination of values in 2 columns appear in 2 other columns from another sheet. (Let's say I search value A in "Alphabet" column; and value 1 in "Order" column: I want to find out if the 2 values present in those columns with that information in a sheet are also present in another 2 columns in another sheet). In simpler words, it is a contains but entailing 2 columns.

I tried the following formula: AND(Contains(...), Contains(...)); but something that is really getting in my mind is if it is really going row by row to check the conditions (that is, a row in which for each of the 2 columns we have the values specified) or if it is just checking the whole column range and just making sure it is in the overall column range, without jointly taking into account the row by row.

Does anyone know for sure if such functioning goes row by row, or it just takes into account the condition the range and marks as checked if it is inside both columns ranges regardless of the rows in which they are in? Knowing it woul be very helpful.

Thank you in advance for any prospective help!


  • Eric Law
    Eric Law ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello Adria, I don't know what you are trying to do, what would you want if they do contain those things? For an AND, you need to embed that into a different function, like IF.

    So try =IF(AND(Contains(....),Contains(...)),"True","False")

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