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Automatically scheduling work on special days (typically weekends)


for my projects, weekends are not workdays. But, at the cumination of almost all the projects, special events (like commercial moves) must be scheduled on weekends - not during workdays. 

I'd like to set dependencies for all the related events, so that if a Saturday move gets rescheduled to another weekend, all of the associated Saturday & Sunday events automatically move.

But, whatever dependency formula I choose (50, 50SS, 50SF,etc) all result in every dependent event being scheduled for the next business day/s (Monday, Tuesday...). I need multiple events to be scheduled for the same or next calendar day

Is there any sane way to do this, or am I doomed to manually setting all the associated weekend dates?


Thanks in Advance!!


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi John,

    You can always set the start date for a task to be on a non-working day, but the end date will be pushed to the next available working day. Use elapsed time in the duration column to have your task ignore non-working days. Lead with an "e" in the duration column to indicate elapsed time, e.g. e3d, e6h

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