If cell from a different sheet equals todays date, show content from different sheet


I have a master sheet that has tons of data. I want to pull only data from two columns from a row if the data matches today's date.

I have tried the following:

=IF({sheet A column 1} = TODAY(), {Sheet A column 3}, "")

=INDEX({shhet A column 1}, MATCH(TODAY(), {Sheet A column 3}, '')

These are not working.

Can any one help?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @Nefe19

    INDEX(MATCH is what I would suggest, although if there's any possibility that you may have more than 1 row that matches, try using JOIN(COLLECT instead:

    =JOIN(COLLECT({sheet A column 1}, {Sheet A column 3}, TODAY()), ", ")

    Where Column 1 is the value to bring back and Column 3 is the one with the dates to match.

    See: Formula combinations for cross sheet references

    If this hasn't helped, please post a screen capture of your two sheets, showing the formula error you're receiving (but block out sensitive data).



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