Users sees sheet owners report information and not theirs when using "current user" as filter.

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I have created a sheet called "absence request" where employees enter their absence from the office. In the sheet there is a contact list field that populates the "created by" information. This sheet contains an approval workflow. On this sheet I generated a report to show all approved and another showing all pending requests for each employee using the "current user" option as part of my filter. The filter contains other options as well.

The idea is to publish the report on a dashboard where employees can see their approved and pending absence.

I created a group, and the unlicensed users have been added to this group. The sheet and reports have been shared with the group with a "viewer" permission. When the unlicensed users go onto the dashboard, where they are able to open the forms to log absence, etc. On the dashboard i am displaying the report generated to show pending and approved requests. When i logon to the portal i see my pending and approved absences. When the unlicensed users login to the dashboard they see MY pending and approved absences, and not theirs.

If I remove the "current user" part of the filter, then both i and the unlicensed users sees all the records in the sheet.

Any ideas on what the issue could be.


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