Automated Row Additions to Hierarchy


Is there a way for Smartsheet to automatically add rows to an hierarchy? Is this such a thing?

I am trying to restructure a massive database where the courses and course information is listed in columns. We have 3 possible courses a student can take and course 1, course 2 and course 3 are it's own column. I'd like for the course to be it's own row under one course column. Right now, it would mean someone would have to automatically add the rows for a hierarchy. Just wondering if the rows could automatically be added based on the number of courses enrolled.

This would save a lot of trouble by not having to manually add blank rows during the admittance stage. Now if a student fails, then we would could manually add a row for a retake test but we want some automation here.

Hoping for a better work around because it has become cumbersome trying to track this in multiple columns as opposed to separate sub records for the student.

The link is a sample of what I'd like for our sheet to appear.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


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