Cross-sheet formula based on multiple conditions


Trying to create a cross-sheet formula based on multiple conditions in one sheet to join values from multiple cells into a single cell in a different sheet.

In Sheet #1, if the Status Column = Confirmed will use Join(Collect) formula to pull all Speaker Code values (separated by a comma) into field into Sheet #2 Speaker Code field. Match based on session # which could have multiple rows in sheet #1 but only listed once on Sheet #2.

I know how to do the Join(Collect) formula just not sure how to ask to join based on session # cross sheets.

Example: In sheett #1,3 rows are associated with Session #1, 2 have Status = Confirmed. Want JulieBrenier,JaneDoe to populate in a field in Sheet #2 Speaker Code field in the Session #1 row.

Sheet #1 -

Sheet #2

Hope this makes sense!


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