Conditional dropdown list from another sheet.


Hello All

Is this possible?

Is there a way to get conditional dropdowns?


column 1      column 2    dropdown contact

trade cat      Market

Framer        Pittsburgh    dropdown would pull framer from Pittsburgh

All the contacts would on 1 Master sheet.  Master sheet would have corresponding Trad cat column and Market column.

On the construction schedule the Trade cat column would be already filled out as well as the market column.  

So each row would have a task on the construction schedule

Also new construction schedules would be created from a templated schedule.

See above example. So line 4 would see excavation phase and market of Pittsburgh and return only return sub contractor that has excavator and Pittsburgh in the sub sheet columns.


  • isabonita
    isabonita ✭✭✭

    @Jon Barto

    I can't see the png image for some reason...

    I THINK I'm understanding...

    If you have Data Shuttle - AND those 2 columns are already filled out - you could create a Data Shuttle to load the dropdown the the appropriate values based on your master sheet. Then when the master sheet changes - it would update the values in the dropdown based on the criteria...

    You would need an Offload (from the master) and and Upload (to the project)

  • Jon Barto
    Jon Barto ✭✭✭✭✭

    Here is the screen shot.

    Yes we do have Data shuffle. Now question would be, would we have to reconnect a data shuffle link every time to a new sheet is templated? The manual work would be to much to have to load and off load it for every sheet and every time a change is made. Or can data shuffle do it by workspace and see the "subcontractor column" and even if it was on a daily schedule

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