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Hello! I struggle with formulas no matter how many times someone tries to show me how easy they can be. I hope someone here can help me figure out this solution, because I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong (or even if what I'm looking to do is possible).

I have an intake form I'm using to collect feedback from requesters "anonymously" on the job our team did with their request. I put anonymously in quotes because we know/can find (from information collected at the onset of a request that lives in another sheet) who submitted it in the first place. I find asking for feedback anonymously makes people feel like they can be more honest. I want to be able to see who submitted the feedback even though we didn't ask in the feedback form, so wanted to see if I can use a formula to pull in the requestors name that lives on one sheet into the feedback sheet (after their feedback has been submitted), using the request number as the value that need to "match" on both sheets to drop in the correct requestors name to that row/cell.

I tried using the MATCH formula, but I'm not getting any results, just errors. I tried to explain myself as best I could above, so fingers crossed someone can help! TYIA!


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