Use a formula to populate the content of another cell

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Hi all,

I'm using a sheet to track the UAT of a system. All tests has to be done in 9 different instances. The way the sheet is built is that when all 9 instances get a "Pass" under the instance column, the test is cleared. If one gets a "Fail", the test has fully failed.

I've also created a "trigger" column where, when it is put to "Pass" or "Fail", all 9 instances are changed through "Pass" or "Fail" at the same time through Automation.

All of those 10 columns are Drop Down lists

Automation is not instantaneous as you know, so what I try to achieve is to have a formula in a helper column that would push that Trigger Column state to all 9 instances when changed. I do not want to put that formula into the Instances column as I still want the capability of changing each instance individually if needed.

So how can I use a formula to change the content of a cell that is not the one containing the formula?


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