Workflow for a reaching a set number of submissions (rows)


Does anyone know it if it possible to create a workflow that alerts someone when a set number of rows are created? We've created a registration form and I would like to get an alert when we hit 200 registrants.


  • ker9
    ker9 ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @HEscaravage ,

    Add a row at the top of your sheet (I color this row orange).

    Use an existing column to enter your formula, but it must count a column that will always have a value in it. If you are unsure that every entry will have a value in at least one column, then an Auto Number column should be added. (I don't use the Auto Number for notifications because if a row is deleted for any reason, the increments in the auto number column will not update.)

    Column1 is the column I am counting in my example (which has 10 rows of text), Column2 has the formula, and Column3 has an identifier for automation (you can use existing columns). (Automation conditions: Column2 is equal to or greater than 200 and Column3 = "ROW COUNT")

    Formula - change to your column heading. Count M will count non blank cells.


    Hope this helps!

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