Do leading zeroes affect "duplicate flag" formulas?


I have a sheet with a column of the 'Text/Number' type called "ID Number." My intent is to have another column of the 'Checkbox' type (called "Flag Duplicate") to show at a glance that an "ID Number" has been duplicated (the data in the "ID Number" row should be unique in each cell within the column).

I used a column formula for "Flag Duplicate" which initially seemed to work:

=IF(COUNTIF([ID Number]:[ID Number], [ID Number]@row) > 1, 1)

If I manually punch in a number in the "ID Number" cell on, say Row 1 and then do the same for the corresponding cell for Row 2, it works. Both "Flag Duplicate" cells in each row show a flag...UNLESS...the ID Number has a leading zero. And I have a lot of ID numbers with leading zeros. :(

Is there some alteration to the formula that needs to take place in order for this to flag duplicate ID Numbers correctly? Or maybe some alteration to the column type?



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