Is there a way to delete a cross sheet reference?


I had a working formula referencing another sheet. It was referencing a set of cells in a column. I changed it to look at the entire column and started getting an #Incorrect Argument Set message. I tried to change it back to the range of cells and I'm still getting the error message. I wanted to delete the cross sheet reference and start again, but the error remains. Formula below:

=COUNTIFS({Data Sheet 6}, [Responsible Team]@row, {Data Sheet 4}, OR(@cell = "New", @cell = "In Progress", @cell = "Ready for Prod Deployment"), {Data Sheet 2}, "1 - Critical")

All cross sheet references are in the same sheet. They reference specific columns in the sheet.

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  • Tim C
    Tim C ✭✭✭✭✭
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    If you right click any cell in your sheet, go to "manage references" you'll see a list of all your cross sheet references. You can delete it from the 3 dot menu on the right.


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