How can I use Dynamic View, New option, to capture Finish date?


I am setting up a Tasks sheet for managers to use with their staff to track their workload. We also have Resource Management, so we want the Start, Finish and Allocation fields to be filled out. I'd like to have staff enter their own tasks and manage them.

I'd rather not have all of the staff in the sheet, just due to the risk of error. I set up a Dynamic View ,which works great for updates. I want to use the New option in DV to enter new tasks. I can set up every field I need, except Finish (date). Curiously, it will not allow entry in this field. I cannot remove duration or predecessor settings from the sheet as they are required for Resource Management as are the Start and Finish fields.

I tried to create a bogus Finish_cv field to capture the date in the DV. And then tried to set up an automation to copy Finish_dv to Finish. But it looks like a date field cannot be copied via automation.

I ended up creating a Form on the sheet to enter New tasks and put that on the Dash, along with the DV separately. But I would really like to use the DV- New option.

Any suggestions? thanks!