How to count number of rows where a date in a column is equal to a specific date?

Hi all,

I am trying to create a time series line chart to show the progress of issues put in a specific status every day. On our Issue log, we have date column which captures the date on which an issue was set to either Rejected, Closed or Acceptable Difference. Created a supporting sheet to map the data for the chart below. For Ex: I am trying to get the total number of issues put in Rejected status on 16th Oct. But its currently returning 0. Can someone please help with am I doing wrong in the formula?

Formula in these cells - =COUNTIFS({MSI Model Office Testing Log - Status}, Rejected1, {MSI Model Office Testing Log Range 2}, $[Issue Close Date]@row)

Note - both the date columns are of type Date

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  • svijay22
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    Hi @Paul Newcome - yes, please see below. Anything else I might be doing wrong?

    Column which captures the date when any of the rows are put in any of the three statuses above -

    Column where I have daily dates to map the data for the time series line chart -


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