Calculating multiple cells based on Todays date

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Hi SS Gurus,

I am trying to create a sheet summary that will give me my attendance for today based on the figures i put in for today's date. basically, i am trying to say if the date is today, then add cells A3+C3+E3 (selected cells in row 3 not all of them). if i specify the row number in the formula it pulls up the correct figure (=SUMIF(Date1, TODAY(), ([Total TLs In]1 + [Total TMs]1))), but i need the summary sheet to follow me each day with that day's figures. For the life of me i cannot get a calculation to work and cannot find a solution anywhere. how do i get sheet summary to look at the line with todays date and calculate various cells in that same row? please ask questions for clarification if i'm being too vague. TIA

The pic below shows today's numbers and the sheet summary only has the calculations like above specifying row 1, no calculation to return the row with today's date.


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    Hi @AuRedneckPrincess ,

    Here is what I would suggest. Create a helper column with a formula for the fields you want summed - for this example I will call the column "Summed Totals (helper)". This formula would be something like the following.

    =[Column Name]@row = [Column Name]@row + [Column Name]@row

    Next, in the summary field you can use the following.

    =SUMIF(Date:Date, TODAY(), [Summed Totals (helper)]:[Summed Totals (helper)])

    Hope this helps,


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